3 Stealth AI Stocks to Ride 2024’s Biggest Trend to Riches

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As the world stands on the cusp of an AI-driven revolution, the investment world buzzes with anticipation, seeking the hidden gems — the stealthy AI stocks — that could potentially unlock immense wealth in 2024. Explore the trio of technological shifters, each wielding its arsenal of innovation in artificial intelligence (AI). These under-the-radar AI stocks paint a fascinating picture of market dominance and cutting-edge advancements concealed within their quarterly reports and strategic maneuvers.

The first stands tall with its meteoric Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) growth, delivering its mastery of automation services’ sustenance and expansion. Meanwhile, the second one’s nimble cost-saving tactics and market diversification hint at its ability to navigate challenges while tapping into uncharted territories. Lastly, the third one’s soaring procedure rates across continents underscore the global embrace of its surgical prowess.

Read more to explore these AI powerhouse’s enigmatic strategies and financial trajectories. The article deciphers the signals that may steer investors toward unparalleled riches.

UiPath (PATH)

UiPath’s (NYSE:PATH) ARR growth is a vital fundamental that suggests its market value potential. In Q3 fiscal 2024, ARR growth of 24% reflects its capability to maintain a steady upward trajectory in generating recurring revenue. ARR represents the predictable and recurring portion of a company’s revenue stream, typically derived from subscription-based services. For UiPath, the growth fundamentally signifies its leads in retaining existing customers. Also, the company is expanding its customer base and increasing the value of customer contracts over time.

Specifically, UiPath’s consistent ARR growth signals a healthy and stable business model, reflecting the effectiveness of its automation platform in driving ongoing value for clients. The ability to grow ARR gives UiPath a competitive advantage in the automation market. As a result, it is solidifying the company’s position in the market for enterprises seeking automation solutions.

On the other hand, UiPath’s expansion of its customer base signifies its progress in attracting and retaining clients across different tiers. Notably, there is an increase in customers with $1 million or more in ARR by 31% to 264. Also, the increase in customers with $100K or more in ARR grew to 1,974, highlighting UiPath’s leadership in serving larger enterprises and those with substantial growth potential.

Furthermore, UiPath’s continuous efforts in its automation platform can be observed in the introduction of Autopilot and advancements in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Hence, this signifies the company’s focus on harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies.

Finally, Autopilot’s generative AI capabilities represent a significant advancement in enhancing the user experience across UiPath’s platform. The application of AI in automation workflows, testing life cycles and micro-automation for various user skill levels signify UiPath’s effort to democratize automation development and usage. Therefore, these fundamental developments place UiPath as a key value beneficiary of the AI trend.

Zebra (ZBRA)

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To improve its core operations, Zebra (NASDAQ:ZBRA) implemented cost restructuring actions to yield net annualized cost savings of $100 million (as of Q3 2023), surpassing the previous expectation of $85 million. The company’s proactive approach to implementing cost-saving measures reflects its agility in responding to market challenges. Also, the increased net annualized cost savings reflect Zebra’s ability to adjust its cost structure swiftly to improve profitability.

Additionally, Zebra reallocates resources to underpenetrated markets, including Japan, government and manufacturing sectors. By diversifying its market reach and targeting underexplored sectors, Zebra ensures it doesn’t rely solely on specific regions or industries. The company strategically allocates resources to capture potential growth opportunities in new use cases, including radio frequency identification (RFID) and machine vision. Hence, these moves are allowing for potential expansion and revenue diversification.

Furthermore, Zebra introduced various innovative solutions, including Zebra Pay for mobile point-of-sale, the Zebra Work Cloud suite of software solutions and collaborative efforts for AI-driven mobile computers and tablets. Zebra’s focus on innovation through diverse product launches demonstrates a proactive stance toward addressing evolving customer needs.

By developing cutting-edge solutions and leveraging partnerships like those with Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), the company aims to differentiate itself in the market. Thus, the company is enhancing its market penetration and offering unique solutions to customers’ challenges.

Finally, Zebra delivered successful deployments across various industries, such as a global technology provider, a large European healthcare system and retail pharmacy chains in North America and Asia. Zebra’s ability to secure significant contracts across diverse sectors signifies the company’s strong value proposition.

Overall, the successful deployment of Zebra’s technology in improving productivity, inventory accuracy and workflow optimization showcases the tangible benefits of its solutions across multiple industries, supporting its market valuation.

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)

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Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) has experienced a robust procedure growth of 19% (in Q3 2023) in da Vinci procedures, highlighting the company’s increasing penetration into the surgical market. The significant strength observed in general surgery for benign conditions, particularly in the U.S., suggests the technology’s acceptance in addressing a wide range of surgical needs.

Furthermore, there is growth in various global regions, including Germany, Japan, the U.K., and India. That signifies the global acceptance of the da Vinci systems and the expansion of its user base. Also, China’s procedure growth aligns with the global average and indicates a consistent uptake in an emerging market.

Additionally, Intuitive Surgical’s consistent system placements, with 312 systems in Q3 and a substantial installed base comprising various surgical platforms, indicate its commitment to offering a comprehensive suite of tools to meet different surgical needs. The presence of 8,127 multiport da Vinci systems, 490 Ion systems and 158 single-port da Vinci systems underlines the company’s versatility.

Fundamentally, the growth in system utilization, albeit slightly down from the previous quarter but still above historical rates, showcases the increasing acceptance and utilization of Intuitive Surgical’s technology by healthcare practitioners. Therefore, that trend indicates surgeons become more proficient with the company’s technology.

As a result, the company’s 12% revenue growth, coupled with maintaining operating expenses within guidance, reflects its ability to achieve healthy top-line growth while effectively managing costs. The robust growth in recurring revenue signifies a stable revenue stream, representing its customer base’s adoption and retention of Intuitive’s products and services.

On the date of publication, Yiannis Zourmpanos did not hold (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace.com Publishing Guidelines.

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